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The Design Pack

The Design Pack


In The Design Pack I've included the eBook Solve X, the original Sketch to Model, as well as the hugely popular Sketch to Model 2! This design-focused bundle allows you to learn all about the design process as well as then taking your drawings and bringing them into the 3D modeling environment!



Read Solve X first and learn how to identify a problem statement and go through the paces of designing the solution.

Then watch the original Sketch to Model to learn how to take a set of drawings, whittle it down to one idea and prepare it for modeling.

Finally sit back and watch in Sketch to Model 2 as I take you a little deeper into the conversation about the design process as it relates to development of concepts. 

This is probably the most useful bundle you could buy if you are starting out in design! Get it today and be a better designer.


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